Will You Throw Snowballs in the Morning?

'Good morning' 'Hi...how are you today?' 'Hello!' Greeting each other is an unwritten procedure which we all do. Since the beginning of the academic year, we've been starting the day by giving Hi-5 to each other. 'Have a great day!'; 'Have a super day!' They look at each other and wish each other to have a … Continue reading Will You Throw Snowballs in the Morning?

Let’s Reflect!

During the last week before the Christmas break, I had my students reflect on their learning journey from the beginning of academic year in August till that point. Some years ago,  I had a period in my class which's called DEAR.  It originally stands for Drop Everything And Read which we usually do that during literacy/book … Continue reading Let’s Reflect!

Inquiring is Fun

Setting up learning stations/centres in the classroom isn't a new practice.  I am amazed to see my colleague manages centres in her 1st grade class.  Every time I pass her class, I always see kids engaging in different types of activities in the classroom.  Yes, learning is happening in the class!  Kids are focused on … Continue reading Inquiring is Fun

Using Games to Assess

One takeaway from the assessment workshop that I had a few weeks ago is 'musical swap'.  Perhaps it's not exactly how it's called but this game has become my 3rd graders favourite lately. On the workshop, we were asked to write what we think about assessment on a piece of paper. Then, while we were listening to music … Continue reading Using Games to Assess

Helping Students Make Sense of their Learning

Just before I had the in-school workshop about assessment, I came across this post about 'Assessment done with students, not to students'.  This post dragged me back to my post about understanding my understanding of the assessment.  How often have I involved my students in assessment process? One takeaway from the article was as to develop … Continue reading Helping Students Make Sense of their Learning

Extending my understanding of understanding the assessment

The title of this post was written after I finished putting my thoughts into writing.  It sounds philosophical but it's what I have in my mind.  Thinking about my thinking and questioning about my questions. Do I understand what I understand? How do I know? The assessment workshop which my school had last weekend was … Continue reading Extending my understanding of understanding the assessment

Transforming My Desire Into Action

It took a long time for me until I really put my desire to have a blog into action. Why did it take a long time?  Why did I keep on postponing to start developing a blog?   Well, of course I had tons of reasons that kept me thinking that I wouldn't be able to … Continue reading Transforming My Desire Into Action