SAMR Model on Seesaw

Every day, there are many new resources available on the internet.  Many educators share their practices, ideas and yet have always inspired me to adapt and use it in my class.   As a teacher, I am conscious that I should continue to update my knowledge and skills of how technology can be used to enhance teaching and learning.  Wait?  Is it enough to only think about enhancing teaching and learning using technology? OR should we use technology to transform teaching and learning to the next level?


Source: Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything


Source: Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything


I always try to refer to the SAMR Model when I adapt any ideas on using technology.  Many ideas I have seen is more as the substitution of technology.  Don’t get me wrong,  I appreciate the sharing as we all learn from others.  Yet,  it keeps me thinking….

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.13.12.png

This is an example of how technology is used as a substitute tool.  This word puzzle could be done on the paper instead of doing it online.  The only thing that made a difference is less time-consuming (as teachers can upload the activity on Seesaw and students can do it online) and paperless activity.  But it does not change the main purpose.  Many of resources I found shows how technology substitutes paper.


How does SAMR Model look like on Seesaw?  Just a thought.

My Post (2)
Practising on the weekly spelling


Reading (1)
Reading Response Activity



Maths (1)
Understanding the characteristics of 2D shapes


I am interested in learning how the SAMR Model looks like on Seesaw.  As a learning journal, Seesaw records student’s thinking and learning process.  How does this recording look like on Seesaw?  Have we been using Seesaw as a substitute for worksheet only?  OR have we been taking this to the next level?

Please share your thoughts on this Padlet Board – SAMR Model on Seesaw


More sources on SAMR Model:

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  1. Your post is very helpful. May I use your illlustrations for my Professional development for my teachers as we begin using Seesaw.


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