I Already Do That! Let’s Unlearn and Relearn!

Adobe Spark
Inspired by David Geurin’s article – January 5, 2018.

Christmas break is almost over and I have been preparing myself to get back to the routine.  A part of my routine is tweeting and retweeting.  There are tons of ideas, thoughts, suggestions, resources which are shared every day..or perhaps every minute.    This morning, I came across a brand new post on Twitter.  As I read the blog The problem with ‘I already do that’, somehow I see myself saying these words or hearing voices of people saying the same words.  What is the problem with ‘I already do that’?

Adobe Spark (1)
These phrases may echo  ‘I ALREADY do that’.

I should admit that I do say all of these things. Have you ever said all the things above when someone sends you a link to a great resource (a blog, a video, a book, etc.)?  Have you ever said this to your colleagues when they tried to suggest something?  Perhaps you have this sound in your head ‘Yeah..Yeah..I  know it…already!’

And it seems the word ‘already‘ which may cause the problem. We all already know the meaning of ‘already’, still add a link to reference the meaning of it.

‘Already’ relates to the way we think.  When a suggestion is offered, there are three possibilities responses.

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As it’s written in the article, there is no intention to look down to anyone.  Suggestions/Ideas/Thoughts/etc. are intended to help.  Whether you are willing to accept, think about or even ignore it, it’s all up to the persons. It’s about how people think about it.

How can ‘already’ affect our mindset? One can be persistent and stick to what they think or believe in.  OR one can continue being curious and questioning ‘then what?’.  Adobe Spark (3)

I already do that, but I wonder… /but why…../ but how……/what if….

As a teacher, I believe in the power of questions which shows our natural curiosity.  Isn’t it questioning make us think, reflect and keep the life going?  When one suggests, shares ideas, sends an email with tons of resources, etc., the phrase ‘I already do/know that’ can easily come out without taking time to think.  When we take time to think (before we respond), we may be able to respond with a more valid answer.  We can still say ‘already’ but we should stay being open-minded and nurture our natural curiosity…and not to forget to be thankful for still having people who would share their thoughts/suggestions/ideas/opinion which show that they care.

”Teachers tell me time and time again that when they remain open in this way, (…).  This mean being open minded and managing a degree of certainty while keeping the big picture in mind.”  The Power of Inquiry, page 17, Kath Murdoch.

Imagine that there are many people retweeting the things that you have read/watched/done.  Will you say ‘I already do that’?  Don’t you think that people may think the same as you retweet the same thing again and again? No.  Cause that’s how it is.  People share good information, spread the news so that more people are aware and can learn from each other.


The problem with how we think.

‘Already’ is not a problem.  The problem is how and what we think.  It’s our attitudes which shape our mindset.  There is always something new to learn.  I always keep that in mind (although sometimes it’s hard). If I already know and do that, then I should think and question it.  I should unlearn what I know and relearn how to do it in another way.  Let it go and try another way.  Take that suggestion as a reminder (although my ego will say I already know that). See the suggestion as fresh morning dew which can sweep the dust from the previous year and start fresh.  It’s 2018.  No need a new year resolution.  I only need to unlearn and relearn the things I already know or do in the past.


Are you willing to take time to think, reflect, unlearn, and relearn what you already do?



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