Why…. Asking Questions

What do you have in your mind when you hear the word ……. ‘question’?

Hmmm… think of the word ‘question’ makes me question the question.

Why is a question being questioned?

Why is question so special?

What does it mean to question?

What can questions do to our lives?

What if people question all the time…or what if people do not question?

What if people do not care to question?

Thinking – Curiosity – Question…. do they really relate to each other?  Do they always relate to each other? What if someone just asks without being curious ….. Does that even make sense?

Thinking – curiosity – imagination – question – inquiry …. is this a ‘recipe’ of how the world works?


…to celebrate more and more whys.

Simple questions can be anything but simple to answer or if you want to understand somethig complex, ask a simple question.

A good question often leads to new collaboration and a great question is often the predecessor to a brilliant idea.

…it’s simply a switch in the student’s attitudes about what questions are……



…what if more classrooms were habitats in which wonder thrived?  What if classrooms were places where children knew their questions would be heard?  What if it was more exciting in a classroom to not know of something than it was to know something.





  1. […] Has real learning happened to me (and my students)? Of course. Try to go down the list and I could tick some (not all yet but that means I am not at the end of the road….yet).  One thing that Tanmay Vora on the list is that learning happens when you ask more questions to get to the WHY of things (and then to what and how). Uh hu!  One can ask a question when some thinking is taking place, tickling the curiosity and is verbalized into a question. Now, why is asking a question is a crucial point? […]


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