Let’s get to know NUMBERS!

I sometimes use the morning routine to assess student’s prior knowledge and revise what they have learned about the number sense, place values and patterns.  The number of the day would be one way to get students share about numbers in a short time.

I have been using different ways and questions to get them sharing what they know.  From structure to less structure.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 07.22.48Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 07.22.58

The first time I asked what they know about a number, they came up with answers which would turn into other questions.

What do you know about number 57?

It’s a cool/funny number.  It is a big number.

What made you say that this is a cool number?  How do you know that this is a big number?  What does this number have?  What kind of number is it?  What can you do with this number?

It has 5 tens and 7 ones.  It is more than 50.  It is 50 more than my age.  It is 10 less than 67.  It is an odd number.  You can add 30 and 27 to get this number.  It is between 56 and 58.  It’s more than my mum’s age.  …. and many more possible answers which encourage students to think of the connections between numbers and be creative.

I also ask them to choose the number and give them limited time to share as much as they know about a number.


Playing with numbers

The students also enjoy playing games.  I may get the idea from somewhere but I can’t remember where.  Each student is given a piece of paper.  They should write a one-digit number on both sides.  Then, they should listen to the teacher carefully and come in front of the class to show it.

This number has 5 in the tens place. This number is less than 55.

This number is an odd number and it has 2 in the tens place.

This number has 8 in the one place and it is more than 50.

…… and many more questions to get them thinking how to show the number with whatever number they have.


Colour the 99-chart

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 07.47.53

‘Colour the Chart’ is another activity to get students to see patterns in numbers.

I ask them to take 4 different colour pencils – pink, yellow, blue, green



The students should listen carefully to me in order to colour the chart.Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 07.47.53

  • Colour all numbers with 4 in the ones place yellow.
  • Colour all numbers with 8 in the tens place plink.
  • Colour all even numbers with 9 in the tens place blue.
  • Colour all odd numbers which are less than 20 green.


This activity can be modified by asking students to colour the numbers and swap with others to find what the rules for the patterns.



Creating number sentence using dice

Students are given three dice.  Green-Red- White.  The green one is the tens.  The red one is the ones.  The white one is a one-digit number.  Students will be asked to create a number sentence using the dice.

0_album_photo_image.jpeg  Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 08.19.30e.g.

  • 54 + 9 = ___
  • 54 – 9 = ___



Creating a picture using the place values paper

This one I definitely got it from Pinterest.  The students enjoyed creating pictures using the hundreds, tens and ones paper.






What else can we do with numbers?




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