Green Screen Lets Students Visualize their Thinking


The Role of ICT in the PYP –

I showed a piece of green cloth to my students.  Here some comments which popped out of their minds.

  • It’s green.
  • It may be something you can use to cover something.
  • Can we do something on it?
  • Why is it green?
  • Mmm…I have seen it somewhere but not sure where.
  • What is it for?
  • Can it be a green cape?

I hung the green cloth on the board and let them guess how we can use it.  I tried to get them connect to the field trip which they went 2 years ago.

‘Ah….it’s something that people use on TV.’

There you go….almost there!

But…how does it work?

The statements and questions occurred during the discussion were used to guide the inquiry.  Both teacher’s and student’s questions are used to explore the new ICT tool.

Finding Out


Teacher’s questions:  Have you seen a person explaining about the weather forecast on TV?

They all nodded and still questioned, ‘How does it work?’

It’s called green screen (not green cape) and we need an app to make the effect works which’s called Green Screen by Do Ink.


I let them to have it a go to try how it works.  They were excited and I encouraged them to think of how we can use this app in the class. The first task was to use Green Screen Do Ink to make their book review more alive and interesting.

screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-07-41-44  screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-07-46-11

They wrote the book review and chose the page or part of the book which they love and used the app to put themselves in that scene.  Then, they uploaded the videos on their Seesaw which is their learning journal.  Unfortunately, I can’t add on their videos on this blog because of the privacy issues.

Sorting Out

When they were introduced to this app, we were in the middle of the unit of where we are in time place which allowed them inquire into the earth special features.

They were working in pairs and researching on geographic features of a continent.  I gave them options on how they would present their findings – a powerpoint presentation or using a green screen Do Ink app.  One pair decided to play safely and chose to create a powerpoint presentation and the rest chose to use the new app.

As they gathered and recorded the information, they were encouraged to start thinking of the background which they were going to use on app.  They were looking for the relevant pictures which they were going to use when they explained about the climate/borders/etc. They also had to think how the information that they read was going to match with the pictures and make sense.

Through this learning experience, the students were not only making connection to their unit but also using ICT to communicate their understanding by using a media and creating a presentation to share their their knowledge.

The Role of ICT in the PYP –

Going Further

Inspired by the Vincent van Gogh’s chair, the students created a 3D chair picture.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They were asked to think of where the location of where the house could be.  The chair is in a house so where would be the house?  In which land is the house?  What is the climate in that place like? These questions guided them as they designed the chair and thought of how the room in the house looks like.

When they finished designing and creating the house, they wrote a paragraph about the location of the house.  This is the time when they’re asked to apply their knowledge of writing a paragraph.  What makes a good paragraph?  What is the main idea? What are the details?

As they finished their paragraph and shared it with me, they had a chance to use the new app and place themselves in the ‘room’ which they created.


What’s next? The students have gotten more confidence in using the app.  They did come up with a few new questions such as:

  • How do we use a video as a background?
  • What will we do with the third layer?

And the inquiry continues as they become more confident in using the ICT tool and explores more features which may be useful for the future project which they are going to do.

The Role of ICT in the PYP –

How have you used the ‘Green Screen Do Ink’ to support learning in your class?  I would love to hear and learn. 🙂


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