Sharing and Collaborating on a Virtual World Using Padlet

The Role of ICT in the PYP – Beliefs and Values about the ICT in the PYP –

I have introduced Padlet since the students were in a second grade.  I started using Padlet to get them thinking and collaborating with others.

What is Padlet?

Padlet is a virtual and an interactive display board which allows you to share texts, pictures, links and videos safely.  Why?  Because Padlet allows you to create a URL link which can be customized and hidden based on your preference. The best thing about Padlet is this tool allows to connect, collaborate and share with others.  Padlet boards can be exported to PDf, image, CSV, Excel preadsheet. This will help students easily keep their boards in their (physical and digital) portfolio.

I have seen how Padlet used in the class when I joined an IPad conference at International School Amsterdam at the beginning of last year.  Teachers use Padlet in the class for different purposes.  I guess it also depends on how many devices you have in the class.  I set up Padlet as one of the temporary station which students can do it independently.

Here are a few examples on how I have used Padlet in my class.

I created a Padlet board for students to share what they  do during summer break.  This board has helped them recall what they did during summer break.  They tend to say, ‘I can’t remember what I did’ when they’re asked to share their stories orally or in written.  This is an optional activity for them.
This is the most recent board which I created to connect students with other school.  The idea is similar to pen pals.  However, it’s just done online.  Students are encouraged to reply to other’s post.  I set one or two laptops for students up so that they can response to the posts independently.  They usually do it either whenever they finish their tasks or it’s a part of a language art activity.
This is the board which I created as a part of a tuning-in activity.  I shared this board to the students and they were wondering asked questions.  But I couldn’t get people who already post on this wall to response to their questions.  We ended up looking for the answers. However, we’re happy to see pictures and find information about different part of the world.

There are some other Padlet boards in the past which I have deleted as they have been exported and saved in other format.  One thing that I notice what Padlet or any other platforms which allow us to share, connect and collaborate is that these tools (in this case a part of ICT) has given a chance and option for many students who may be introvert, shy to share their opinions orally to speak up.  ICT does help them to connect and support their inquiry.  Just like us adults, kids may not be confident to share and express themselves orally and may choose other way/media to help them express their ideas/thoughts, creativity.

Ways to use Padlet in the classroom.



  1. Wow! This is wonderful. I didn’t know that I could use padlet in so many ways. Now I’m definitely going to use it in my class.


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