Sharing and Collaborating on a Virtual World Using Padlet

I have introduced Padlet since the students were in a second grade.  I started using Padlet to get them thinking and collaborating with others. What is Padlet? Padlet is a virtual and an interactive display board which allows you to share texts, pictures, links and videos safely.  Why?  Because Padlet allows you to create a URL … Continue reading Sharing and Collaborating on a Virtual World Using Padlet

Labelling With Seesaw

Since the beginning of academic year (August 2016), I have been using Seesaw as a digital portfolio.  Seesaw has been a great platform to keep student's work and showcase student's learning progress.  It's a very child-friendly platform.  Easy to learn and easy to use. Another good thing about Seesaw is that I do not have … Continue reading Labelling With Seesaw

Extending Our Understanding of fractions

'.....Inquiry learning is all about giving students the skills, the disposition and the opportunity to investigate - to find out information, making meaning and take action based on what's discovered....' Murdoch, Kath. The Power of Inquiry. pp. 40. My third graders had been extending their understanding of fractions last week. What does a fraction mean? How … Continue reading Extending Our Understanding of fractions