Make the Change Happen


I was going through #L2chat discussion on Twitter and one of the questions is ‘What is your best advice for someone who thinks they can’t make change happen?

My thought was dragged to a quote which was given by Adam Hill  last year through the PYP Book Study live chat on Twitter. I feel ashamed as I still haven’t done what I was going to do at that time – Making time for ‘Genius Hours‘ in my class.  I have prepared the structure and plan.  I have created ‘iTime‘ board (got inspired by Kath Murdoch’s book – The Power of Inquiry)  but still…I need a kick on my butt to transfer what I ‘want’ into ‘action’.  I have always come up with questions which led me accept the reasons.  When is the best time? Maybe I should wait till the second semester begins after February break.  Are the kids ready?  But then I do not have time for other lessons?  Which lessons? …..and more questions which allow me to think that ‘It’s OK to wait.’

The question about making change has reminded me of myself.  How can I give advice if I myself is not making change happen?  Still this thought… What if it doesn’t work? What if it’s a mess? What if…I fall?

As I wrote this post, I slowly let myself ‘talk’ within me. I remember one of the girls in my class repeated what I said to her, ‘You should be a risk-taker, Ms. Yuni!’….’Why don’t we do it in another way?’ …. ‘Why not?’ …..’So what’s next?’ I remember how I always encourage them to think differently and be creative.  I remember when we discuss about accepting mistakes and learn from them.  I believe all of us encourage our students live the Learner Profile attributes and attitudes every day.  I guess this time I should put myself in their shoes and let myself be taught by all the words which I’ve said.

‘.…..I think that having an inquiry mindset means that you do, indeed, walk the world with questions in your head. …… Having an inquiry mindset means we are relentlessly and passionately curious.‘  Murdoch, Kath. The Power of Inquiry, pp. 16–17.


I went through all the questions which kept me back from my plan.

When is the best time? – Is there really the best time? It doesn’t matter whether I will do it now or after the February break.  The essential of the activity remains the same.  So, why should I postpone?

Are the kids ready?  – The kids are always ready to go ahead with whatever interest them.  It’s all about them and their thinking.  I can only support and guide them.

But then …I do not have time for other lessons.  – Which lessons? It’s an inquiry based learning.  It’s a part of their learning process.

As I reflect, deep in my head, it’s not about the time.  It’s about me as a teacher who needs keep the inquiring mindset alive within me.  Of course, I am curious how genius hours would happen in the class.  I am curious to see how students would benefit from this hour.  I am curious to see what student would be able to demonstrate/apply.

I guess at the end of the day I could say that  a big or small idea won’t matter unless you take an action. and YES, having an inquiry mindset which keeps us growing will help us to make the change happen.

What if I fall?….What if you fly?  You never know till you give it a try. 🙂 Be a risk-taker!





  1. Thanks for the mention. This is a great post! You’re not alone. I think we all have things on our ‘someday’ list. We all need to just dive straight in! Your honest post reminds me of this quote: “There are seven days in a week… ‘someday’ isn’t one of them!” Good luck with Genius Hour! Let me know if you need any help (it’s quite tough to get it going but you’ll be glad you did!)



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