Make the Change Happen

I was going through #L2chat discussion on Twitter and one of the questions is 'What is your best advice for someone who thinks they can't make change happen?' My thought was dragged to a quote which was given by Adam Hill  last year through the PYP Book Study live chat on Twitter. I feel ashamed as I … Continue reading Make the Change Happen

Will You Throw Snowballs in the Morning?

'Good morning' ' are you today?' 'Hello!' Greeting each other is an unwritten procedure which we all do. Since the beginning of the academic year, we've been starting the day by giving Hi-5 to each other. 'Have a great day!'; 'Have a super day!' They look at each other and wish each other to have a … Continue reading Will You Throw Snowballs in the Morning?

Let’s Reflect!

During the last week before the Christmas break, I had my students reflect on their learning journey from the beginning of academic year in August till that point. Some years ago,  I had a period in my class which's called DEAR.  It originally stands for Drop Everything And Read which we usually do that during literacy/book … Continue reading Let’s Reflect!