Transforming My Desire Into Action

It took a long time for me until I really put my desire to have a blog into action.

Why did it take a long time?  Why did I keep on postponing to start developing a blog?  

Well, of course I had tons of reasons that kept me thinking that I wouldn’t be able to manage the blog.  I have a class blog for my class community at school.  Do I manage to update the blog?  Yes and no.  I like the idea of blogging as a media to share and communicate with others.  Time is always the reason why I may not have managed having a personal one.

So, why do I eventually take a step forward and transform my desire into action?

I always admire people who have blogs and are able to update the blogs regularly.  I wonder how and when they have time to do that.  On the other side, I also get lots of ideas and inspiration from reading the blogs.  Those readings make me think, reflect and most of the time have helped me improve my teaching and learning in the classroom.

I enjoy reading the blogs especially those that are about teaching and learning, being educators, anything that relate to my world.  What is my world?  I am a primary teacher who have fallen in love into the International Baccalaureate programme.  Anything that relate to inquiry based learning, inquiry cycle (Kath Murdoch seems to be the name that is familiar to me), visible thinking, etc. would be something that keeps me going (and feel alive) everyday.

I have joined lots of IB PYP groups, discussion forums and enjoy following them (even though sometimes I am only a passive member – enjoy reading but no contributions).  At this point, I wonder if I can write and share my ‘world’, how I see the world, what I believe as a person and an educator (we all have more than one role, right?!).  I wonder if people would also share their points of view.  We may have the same perspectives or not.  If NOT, well that’s great! Cause then we can learn from each other.  I remember when I joined a PYP workshop a while ago, the workshop leader began the first day by a very engaging activity that let all participants got to know each other.  She displayed the 6 transdiciplinary themes on the wall and gave us questions that relate to each transdiciplinary theme.  One of the transdiciplinary theme is ‘Sharing the Planet’.  The question (I can’t remember exactly how she phrased it) that she gave for this theme was ‘What do you do to support your community? How do you support your community?’  The answers were quite varied and interesting.  I wrote that I join PYP forums and share my ideas/ thoughts/ practices with the community (in that way we all can learn from each other).  Sharing is caring (but caring is not always sharing).

So, since I am still on summer break and have lots of free time, I think why I don’t start NOW.  Good and positive sharing will help me learn and I hope will somehow keep and encourage others to keep learning and inquiring into their ‘world’.

Having ONLY a desire to do GOOD things is not enough.  Taking ACTION will complete it!  I hope I can manage this.  I make a commitment to start the blog and stay committed to update it.  My blog is a part of my learning.  It is an inquiry into the ‘world’ that I am in.


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